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It’s unbelievable.

A small bag made from leather.

But it’s not just the leather; the finishing details from the corners to the stitches are flawless. The design is so functional, sum that all up and the bag is irresistible.

It’s unbelievable, how can so small conquer our heart.

We have something to share, it’s the Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain. And no, it’s not just another Chanel Boy WOC in different leather and so on, this time it’s a bit different.

While it’s from the WOC Collection, it appears to be more like the Chanel Boy Flap Bag but then in the smallest size. I mean, the flap is longer, but everything is still the same – it’s quilted, I got the CC boy logo on the front and the interwoven chain links.

Then there are more surprises; open it and you will find a small pouch, more like a tiny wallet. Or you can call it – it’s a mini bag inside a mini bag, how cute!

Crafted from Metallic Lambskin, it comes with a removable chain and it can be worn in two ways: on your shoulder or as wristlet. Not only is it effortless but also multifunctional. Great huh!

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain in Metallic Lambski
(Also as a clutch with removable chain, can worn on the shoulder or as wristlet)
Style code: A80382
Size: 4.3 x 7.5 x 1.6


I frequently get the question whether the Chanel Boy in WOC will be available in silver hardware. Well, yes it is, for the Fall Winter 2016 Collection it’s in the Classic Black And Silver Hardware. Also crafted from Metallic Lambskin.

The Chanel Boy WOC are perfect, they are small and beautiful. Ideal to wear for the night-outs and when you are just hanging out with friends. The interior is large enough to hold your essentials.


Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain in Metallic Lambskin
Style code: A80287
Size: 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.7

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Rebecca Minkoff Heavy Laced Bags at Saks Fifth Avenue

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Rebecca Minkoff Heavy Laced Bags at Saks Fifth Avenue

Rebecca Minkoff just released the Heavy Laced handbag collection, exclusively sold at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and online. I have always loved Rebecca Minkoff handbags for a very long time. They are gorgeous and unique and not over-the-top expensive either. The Rebecca Minkoff Heavy Laced Collection is no different. These styles are gorgeous! There is a clutch, a cross body bag and an oversized hobo.

Of the three styles, the oversized hobo is by far my favorite! This bag is everything you would expect from a hobo style. The shape is relaxed, even slouchy, allowing it to hug your body and be one of the most comfortable bags you have ever owned. The leather is soft, but pebbled too. As much as I love buttery soft leather, a little pebbling can go a long way in terms of durability. And, of course, who could forget the fringe? The suede fringe is so lovely on this piece. Raining down from either side, Rebecca Minkoff shows that fringe does not need to envelop an entire bag in order to make a statement. I adore fringe, but I think this piece has a good fringe to leather ratio.

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PurseForum Roundup – August 13

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Greetings, fashion lovers! Friday has rolled around once again, and that means it’s time for a romp through the halls of the PurseForum to see what our members are sharing, wearing and talking about. This week, Chloé was on our rounds, along with Bottega Veneta and so much more. We really hit the jackpot is some of our subforums, so get comfortable.


Bottega Veneta has been pretty busy this month, and we spotted a shimmery reveal on Page 1 from ksuromax. This gorgeous bag was pre-loved, and as ksuromax and our BV members agree, its wonderful condition is a testament to the quality of this brand.


PurseForum regulars know that our member restricter is a supernova in our universe of shopping stars. By any measure, restricter knows how to find a bargain. No matter the brand, she can hit the sample sales and remind us we can all be fabulous for pennies on the dollar. This week we found her latest victory thread inBottega Veneta, and this lovely haul of belts is just the tip of the iceberg.

Also in BV, traumamama started a conversation in June about which color to select for her new bag. Our members chimed in with lots of terrific advice, which you may find helpful for your next bag purchase. Meanwhile, we are still waiting to see what traumamama decided on–stay tuned.


And here’s a kitten in a bag. This comes to us from Kandyroxy, and the upshot is that this is a real workhorse bag that is holding up beautifully. Check the thread for the full review of this Cabat, one of BV’s best bags.


In Chloé this week, Easterngirl showed us all how it’s done in the Chloé in Action thread. This mini Marcie looks fabulous with this casual style, and our “bag in action” threads are the perfect place to stop for inspiration no matter which designer subforum you drop into.


Easterngirl wasn’t the only girl rocking a splendid grey Marcie this week; we also found Swedengirl’s brand new Marcie in a larger size. This is Swedengirl’s first Chloé and she sure made a grand entrance, don’t you think? You can see another cashmere grey Marcie here in sherimehling’s reveal from earlier this summer. Our Chloé subforum has lots of informative threads on the brand’s latest styles, and if you are thinking of adding a Chloé bag to your fall wardrobe (and lots of us are), we hope you will stop by and make use of this resource.


CathyQ stopped traffic in the Céline latest purchases thread with her reveal of this edgy and amazing Twisted Cabas. We cannot wait to see this in action! Visits to the “Latest Purchases” threads provide a perfect itinerary if you are pressed for time and need a purse fix. We always try to make time for these fast-moving threads—you really never know what you will find.


We also love orange and wanted to share this with you all. This yummy bag is part of katev’s reveal threadin Coach this week. Also, if you love this bag, you will absolutely flip over the new wallet.


When big brands make big changes, our member notice. In a big way. In Louis Vuitton, fans of the brand are breaking down the new packaging introduced earlier this summer. You can see the new design hereand chime in if you have an opinion on the matter. TAZxSPIN shared her new purchase for us, and members were happy to get a review on the new goods straight from a fellow member!


Packaging is one thing but at the PurseForum, bags are THE thing. Norwegianwood put it right up front in her thread title that she was revealing a super cute bag, and this little Pochette in monogram Cherie certainly did not disappoint. Also in LV, Balengirl picked up a new sleek black Spontini on its debut day, and you can see it in her very thorough reveal right here.


We will wrap our visit to Louis Vuitton with Erum7860s brand new Sac Kleber straight from Paris. This structured tote is useful and undeniably elegant, and it’s an exquisite way to celebrate a milestone birthday! Happy Birthday Erum 7860!

That’s it for us! Thank you once again for joining us for another Friday visit to the PurseForum.

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Diesel Divina Shoulder Bag

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Diesel Divina Shoulder Bag is a new arrival shoulder bag from Diesel handbag collection. Diesel Divina Shoulder Bag is made from denim and genuine leather with fabric lining. The shoulder bag also has a shoulder drop style to give you more comfort when carrying on your shoulder.  We like the high quality of material which gives a smooth touch and great durability. Also, the design ofDiesel Divina Shoulder Bag gives a stylish sense from Diesel designer. It is perfect for men who like to carry things with themselves around for all day and evening activities because the size of Ric Messenger bag is perfect compact (not too large but contain enough space for stuff). The shoulder bag has a roomy space for your stuff like a cell phone, pocket books and make-ups. Diesel Divina Shoulder Bag is available in Stone  color.

Diesel Divina Shoulder Bag

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A new Hermes baby has just been born and we’re all excited to lay our eyes upon this precious little one! A bouncing and lively Hermes Passant Clutch Bag has finally made its way to the fashion world and we couldn’t be any happier and overjoyed.

More like being on cloud nine, one couldn’t just put into words how thrilled we are now that another clutch bag from this world-leading brand is here to make our fashionable lives extra special.

The Passant is a long wallet in Epsom calfskin with leather loop and flap. Yes, its meticulous construction which contains removable parts such as the change purse and the six credit card slots is especially created for women who loves extra space and easy organization.

For those who are asking about the design, the flap is especially designed to simply tuck into the loop to secure the wallet. And for those who love multi functionality, you’ll have the best of both worlds in this wallet since it can also be carried as a clutch.

Meausring 20.5 x 9.5 cm


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Chanel Golden Class Wallet On Chain Bag Brand’s Cruise 2016 Collection

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The Chanel Golden Class Wallet on Chain Bag returns for the brand’s Cruise 2016 Collection. The Golden Class Bags was launched for the brand’s Cruise 2014 Collection. It is back again this year, in Gold and Silver hardware. It features a metal plate on the closure with the iconic CC logo as a handle. This is a more upgraded style than the classic WOC but at a slightly higher price point.

Chanel Golden Class Wallet On Chain Bag  Chanel Golden Class Wallet On Chain Bag

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