Tyra Banks at the 2016 "Essence' Festival. Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images
Tyra Banks at the 2016 "Essence' Festival. Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Next year, after Rita Ora fills her shoes at "ANTM," media and beautymogul Tyra Banks will help teach a business course for graduate students at Stanford University. The class, called "Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand," is run by management professor and former producer Allison Kluger, who tapped Banks as a co-lecturer after seeing the supermodel speak at an event for the university's Stanford Women in Business organization.

Banks, who graduated from Harvard Business School's Owner/President Management Program (OPM) in 2012, will teach up to 25 M.B.A. students for a span of two weeks, according to The Wall Street Journal. Upon completion of "Project You," students will create their own personal brand, know how to navigate on-air appearances and strategize long-term goals across several social media platforms.

Banks joins the ranks of a number of celebrities who have made a mark in academia: Kanye West has waxed poetic on art and design to students at Harvard, the Los Angeles Trade Technical College and the University of Oxford. Questlove has taught multiple courses on music at NYU — most recently, about PrinceJames Franco, who somehow managed to acquire a handful of college degrees alongside his acting career, has spread his wisdom on film and writing at UCLA, University of Southern California, as well as NYU. This year, Angelina Jolie was named a visiting professor at the London School of Economics.

For the first class, which kicks off in April 2017, Stanford students are required to create a minute-and-a-half video about themselves, their personal brand and goals. No pressure, folks, just don't forget to smize.

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Dree Hemingway Stars in Accessorize Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign


Dree Hemingway, actress, starlet and model with 33 thousand twitter followers and 107 thousand Instagram followers, is now starring in the Accessorize fall/winter 2016 campaign. With a variety of interesting looks, a multitude of deep colors and interesting textures, excellent styling and the use of Dree Hemingway, Accessorize has made quite an impact. The fashion impact is clear and the overall effect is stunning.

Dree Hemingway in Accessorize Fall/ Winter 2016 Campaign

If you are not familiar with Accessorize, they are well-named providers of nearly any accessory you could want in a variety of styles at reasonable and affordable prices. They have everything from a kid’s section to an occasion and vacation section.

For those aware of Accessorize, they knew that you could certainly finish off an outfit with the products they offer, but now they want everyone to know they can complete a look. From hair accessories to shoes, Accessorize has got you covered.

The plethora of products and options shown throughout the Accessorize fall/winter 2016 campaign always revolve around Dree, never overwhelming her and that is something fantastic. In an effort to show off the accessories, many campaigns overdo it, making them look gaudy or piled on. Accessorize did the opposite. Everything is well appointed and looks fantastic in its place. Dree looks effortless and chic in many of the photos and studiously well put together in others.

Dree Hemingway in Accessorize Fall/ Winter 2016 Campaign

Certain shots featured Dree beneath a lot of handbags and other showed her surrounded by products as though she opened a lot of gifts. All of these photos had more in common than Accessorize and Dree Hemingway – they look like fun.

She is surrounded by perfectly coordinated gifts that range from hats to shoes, or standing beneath a few bags that range in size and color, and yet they work well with each other and the background. There are no random fillers, no ugly items and no tackiness in the photos either on or around Dree. Everything is just fabulous.

Everything is fashionable and fun, which is what accessories should be. The Accessorize fall/winter 2016 collection features deep, rich colors in luxe settings. Dree Hemmingway looks stunning in a royal blue and gold suit with beautifully matching scarf, hat, shoes and bags.

Dree Hemingway in Accessorize Fall/ Winter 2016 Campaign

Accessorize is intent on showing that they provide much more than just cute little accessories, but fully realized looks. The details have the perfect sort of matching elements to make them mesh together without continuing the same pattern, but not so different as to clash.

When dealing with accessories, it is a very difficult line to walk between perfect and too much or too little. Understated and overdone are common side effects of having too many options. While Accessorize can provide you with plenty of options, they wanted to show everyone that they can provide you with the right options.

With Dree Hemingway they showed that you can have a perfected, polished look with the products they provide, and fit into whatever environment you were aiming for.

Dree Hemingway in Accessorize Fall/ Winter 2016 Campaign

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If You Love Lipstick, This Is Going to Be Your New Favorite Instagram Account


When you read sites like POPSUGAR and see features on the new lipstick shades launching, you may fall in love with the colors. But then you wonder, will this actually look flattering on me? Sure, a bold purple or electric blue seems great on paper, but once you put the hue to your pout, it may clash with your undertones.

Two women — Piaget Ventus and Michelle Meredith — are here to help answer that question. They created a brilliant beauty Instagram account called @willitlookgoodonmetho. Their mission:

"Different skintones to help answer the question: will it look good on you? A lipstick guide by amateurs for amateurs."

In it, they share photos of themselves wearing diverse cult lipsticks from Revlon, Nyx, ColourPop, Sonia Kashuk, and more. Piaget has dark skin while Michelle is fair, so you can really see how the color complements these two ranges.

Keep reading to see how gorgeous (and affordable) lipsticks look on their complexions.

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Is this dress to white too wear to a wedding?


The Mail Online have brought our attention to a Reddit thread getting some seriously mixed reactions regarding one wedding guest and her choice of dress.

Usually the internet has all the answers but on this occasion Reddit users were divided over the one big question user honeycomehome had put to them: is this dress too white to wear to a wedding?

Floral wedding guest dress by ModCloth

The dress in question, as you can see above, is white with a red floral design but no one could decide exactly if it was acceptable or not.

Some users responded that the dress was more of a floral dress than a white dress and the print was so large the colour of the dress really shouldn't matter.

Others got angry at the whole 'you can't wear white, cream, ivory anywhere on your body if you're a wedding guest' rule and thinks brides need to take a chill pill.

Then there were quite a few people suggesting that if honeycomehome was so worried about the colour of the dress that she felt the need to ask an online forum, it probably is too white to wear.

Us? We're on the 'it's a floral dress! Just wear it!' side of the argument, let us know what you think by tweeting @CosmopolitanUK

Oh and if you're ever worried about the 'what not to wear to a wedding' rules, just follow our handy guide.

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Rimmel’s Magnif’eyes 2-In-1 Double Liner & Volume Colourist Mascara Review


rimmel magnif eyes

Today I tried 2 wonderful launches by Rimmel.

One is the Magnif’eyes 2-in-1 shadow and kohl liner and other is the Volume Colourist Mascara with Lash-Tint Complex.

rimmel magnifeyes

Magnif’eye is like a pen with eyeshadow on one end and kohl liner on the other.

The eye shadowis quite intense and long lasting.

It just slides on the eyelid and blends wonderfully. It is waterproof, crease proof and transfer proof.

The best part is the easy of makeup application… The kohl can be used on the water line and as eye liner and the cream shadow is on the other end.

Its got shimmery and pearly finish and the kohl liner on the other end is deep and jet black.

They are available in 5  different shades.

Price: 45AED

Point of Sales: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

On-Counter: April 2016

Along with this I tried Rimmel Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara with Lash-Tint Complex.

I have recently started using this and I am quite satisfied with it. It lasts for many hours and is quite voluminous, it perfectly separates the lashes and and curls them ups and gives an intensity.

The mascara comes off easily with eye make-up remover.


Also, this mascara has a semi-permanent lash-tint complex that progressively blackens bare lashes every time you wear it so that, from 2 weeks onwards of regular usage, your naked lashes look DARKER FROM ROOT TO TIP!”

  • Overtime: lash-tint complex with natural colorant gradually darkens the colour of your bare lashes to help them appear more visible from root to tip from 2 weeks onwards of continuous usage. The non-permanent tint will wear off gradually after the last usage.
  • Instantly: tapered lash-intensifying brush wraps every lash with blacker than black pigments, making them instantly fuller and longer.

Price: 51AED

Point of Sales: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

On-Counter: April 2016

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Cos flared cotton dress, $125, available at Cos

Cos flared cotton dress, available at Cos

When it comes to summer dresses — especially for the levels of heat New York experiences — I tend to think, the shorter the better. But in the interest of having something a little more work-appropriate, I decided to try on the light pink version of this seemingly simple sleeveless maxi dress at Cos. 

It turned out to be one of those things that seems "ok" on the hanger but delivers a lot more wow factor when you put it on. The bodice, which has subtle panel details, is incredibly flattering, and the pleated, flared skirt falls in a casually elegant way. It's made of a lightweight, crisp-yet-stretchy fabric that's super-comfortable and is a little shorter than a maxi dress, which makes it feel more timeless. Because of the soft fabric, you could wear it to work, on a weekend stroll or even to the beach with flats; but thanks to the fancy-ish silhouette, it can easily be dressed up for, say, a summer wedding or the CFDA Awards — both events to which I wore this dress and garnered many compliments.

Unfortunately, the pink is sold out, but I'm equally into (and considering buying) the navy version, which would more easily transition into fall layered under a wool sweater and some boots or loafers.

Cos flared cotton dress, available at Cos.

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