A look from the Alejandra Alonso Rojas spring 2017 collection. Photo: Alejandra Alonso Rojas
A look from the Alejandra Alonso Rojas spring 2017 collection. Photo: Alejandra Alonso Rojas

Two years after launching her distinctive, youthful womenswear line À Moi,Alejandra Alonso Rojas has pushed reset on her business. In a calm and quiet hotel room at 11 Howard hotel on Wednesday, she walked press through three racks of soft, sleek separates and slip dresses in a steady palette of slate grey, off-whites and soft pinks. The À Moi collection that's in stores now will be its last. Come spring, Alonso Rojas's more elevated and mature eponymous line will hit stores for the first time. "We are presenting it as an evolution of the brand," said Alonso Rojas. "All the stores are very excited with the change into the namesake and I've always been the creative director so its not like completely [different]."

The designer explained that after À Moi's last presentation, she felt rushed to produce faster and pushed to add pre-season collections. "There was a lot of noise in the market... I just felt a little bit overwhelmed with everything that was going on and [thought], I need a moment to see which direction I really want to take." With the À Moi experience under her belt, she decided to pivot up. "I was ready for a more mature step into the namesake brand, to get into the designer floors of the department stores and speciality stores." 

How will the lines differ? Alejandra Alonso Rojas has a higher price point for an older (30s to 60s) customer who favors sophisticated versatility and luxurious basics over something more youthful and experimental. (À Moi's last collection was inspired by Bauhaus and featured geometric shapes and cutouts.) The eponymous line is for a woman who appreciates materials such as leathers and hand-painted fabrics, and embraces a "nonchalant aspect of dressing up."

The new line is also more personal: Alonso Rojas was inspired by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. "I went to Spain and started digging into a lot of family albums." The influence manifests itself in the prints, color palette and even the subtle additions of bright red. "My mom and my grandma always wore red nails... I wanted to add that little touch," she says.

See the Alejandra Alonso Rojas spring 2017 collection in the gallery below. 

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Trina Turk Spring/Summer 2017 Collection – NYFW


If there’s one thing I particularly love about the New York Fashion Week, that’s the fact that its runway shows feel like an extension of summer. Whenever it comes to a Trina Turkcollection, such feelings get always amplified. For the next warmer seasons, the Trina Turk spring/summer 2017 collection takes us on vacation to the Caribbean, surprising us with a blast of cheerful colors, jocose patterns and fresh, dynamic cuts and lines.

Trina Turk Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - NYFW

Specifically inspired by Cuba, the references and cultural reminiscences of which played a huge role throughout the NYFW 2016 collections too, this Trina Turk spring/summer 2017 line-up is femininity at its purest, with even the signature Cuban pinstripe suits being revisited and translated to a more delicate and bon-ton style. Trina Turk’s trip to Cuba is, however, not just about art and design.

Trina Turk’s journey to Cuba is, in fact, a meticulous one discovering the Cuban roots, as she deeply searched for the island’s contrasting spirits, different approaches to life and historical souls, before applying them to her proposals. As a result, she managed to perfectly transpose the Cuban architecture, nightlife, society and cultural differences to fashion, applying each one of these motifs to equally intriguing and intricate graphic patterns.

When not focusing on prints, Trina Turk opted for lace embroideries, zigzagged hems and slightly gauzy fabrics, the contemporary outcomes of which embody Cuba’s new modernist era.

While Cuba’s most notorious ice cream parlor chain, Coppelia, served as an inspiration for this Trina Turk SS 2017 collection’s color palette and rainbow swirl prints, Havana’s nightlife helped Trina Turk recreate a sort of ‘dancing queens’ night out’ motif, enhanced here by fringed jumpsuits and oversized frilled detailing.

Trina Turk Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - NYFW

To better recreate the Cuban daily life, Trina drew inspiration from both the touristic and native sides of the archipelago. While peplum long-sleeved shirts, body-cons, floor-length frocks remind us of the most glamorous side of Cuba, cargo jackets, denim pieces and hats quickly wake us up to the Cuban reality. One of the collection’s items, a short-sleeved denim jacket was for this reason specifically inspired by this reality, and took Trina Turk to further analyze the Cuban society’s obsession with aesthetics, too.

“The women were wearing what appeared to be these little olive-drab uniforms that looked like they were from the ’70s, but in a really good way. They were made of this really heavy cotton twill and were kind of fitted, with flared pants and long collars. I thought they were great,” she explained backstage.

As much as Cuba’s traditional and colonial architectures mirror its political and social history, this Trina Turk collection is a reflection of Cuba’s diverse artistic movements, with more traditional layered mini dresses creating an appealing contrast with the collection’s casual-chic sweatshirts and ultra modern jackets with tactical cut-outs at the shoulders.

Refined in every single detail, this Trina Turk SS 2017 collection aims at providing us with something aesthetically pleasing to look at, as beauty and perfection may be regarded as one of Cuba’s intrinsic values.

“But the thing is, people there really care about how they look. Color is really important to them,” she concluded, making us hope for more introspective fashion journeys in the days to come!

Trina Turk Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - NYFW

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Rachel Weisz on The Edit August 25th 2016 Cover
Rachel Weisz on The Edit August 25th 2016 Cover

Actress Rachel Weisz heads outdoors for the August 25th, 2016 cover of The Editfrom Net-a-Porter. Photographed by David Bellemere, the British beauty wears a The Row sweater with Dolce & Gabbana briefs. Inside the online magazine, Rachel is ready for fall in cozy knitwear and rubber rain boots. Stylist Tracy Taylor selects designs from fashion’s top brands including Rag & Bone, Elizabeth and James, Saint Laurent and more.

Related: Rachel Weisz Poses on the Subway for Violet Grey

In her interview, Rachel talks about how roles for women in movies have become one-dimensional. “If you look at movies that are pre-’60s feminism, women didn’t just have to be sweet and sympathetic,” the actress says. Look at the characters of Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Elizabeth Taylor: fierce, powerful, difficult women. After the ’80s, women had to be more likeable. They have to be pleasing, sweet, smiling and subservient. Women are being punished by stories. Probably for feminism.”


Actress Rachel Weisz poses in Acne Studios Cardigan and Rag & Bone hat
Actress Rachel Weisz poses in Acne Studios Cardigan and Rag & Bone hat
Posing outdoors, Rachel Weisz wears Elizabeth and James cardigan, Eres swimsuit and Saint Laurent boots
Posing outdoors, Rachel Weisz wears Elizabeth and James cardigan, Eres swimsuit and Saint Laurent boots
Rachel Weisz is ready for sweater weather in Adam Lippes turtleneck and Eres briefs
Rachel Weisz is ready for sweater weather in Adam Lippes turtleneck and Eres briefs
Rachel Weisz keeps it natural in The Row oversized sweater and Dolce & Gabbana briefs
Rachel Weisz keeps it natural in The Row oversized sweater and Dolce & Gabbana briefs
Actress Rachel Weisz flaunts some skin in Altuzarra sweater, Dolce & Gabbana briefs and Saint Laurent rain boots
Actress Rachel Weisz flaunts some skin in Altuzarra sweater, Dolce & Gabbana briefs and Saint Laurent


Denial movie poster with Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson
Denial movie poster with Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson

Set to hit theaters on September 30th, Rachel Weisz takes on the role of writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt in ‘Denial’. The movie follows the events of how Lipstadt was sued by a fellow historian for libel after she accused him of being a Holocaust denier. When asked about how she takes on a new acting role, Rachel tellsThe Edit, “[The] world of storytelling and make-believe is genuinely part of my make-up. All of my roles are me, and none of them are at the same time. The thing about stories is [they’re] crammed with incredible drama. Real life is so much more ordinary.”

Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt in the 2016 movie Denial
Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt in the 2016 movie Denial
Rachel Weisz dons a red hairdo for her role in the 2016 film Denial
Rachel Weisz sports a red hairdo for her role in the 2016 film Denial

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10 Pieces of Confidence-Boosting Jewelry That Are *Better* Than Saying Your Affirmations


Like a length of red string or a literal albatross hanging 'round your neck, jewelry can not only *look* good but remind you that you're a HBIC who can take on the world. (This girl gets it.) Ahead, shop 10 pieces that, at a glance, will help you remember how much of a badass you already are."You know it," Lea Michele captioned a pic of hers. We do.  $975, A stylized olive branch that stands for peace, not pettiness.   $74, Nothing like a memento mori to remind you to work better (harder, faster, stronger) because life is short, and the afterlife is forever, maybe.   $213, If you're like, "How is this toothbrush-looking thing going to help me?" know that the hand bit of this carved coral Victorian pendant represents love, while the key (not a Colgate soft-bristle, oops) protects against evil.  $549, If you don't already have an infinity symbol tattoo on your inner wrist. Or even if you do.  $285, Sure. Why not?  $995, No, *you* are.  $545, Because after the worst storms come the brightest, most vivid rainbows.  $225, So ::does impression of Benedict Cumberbatch in War Horse:: $45, In you we trust.  $1,280,

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"Wow, her cuticles are great." Photo: Gucci
"Wow, her cuticles are great." Photo: Gucci

If you thought Jared Leto was excited to wear that green Gucci coat, just imagine his face when he sees this: The first image from his Gucci Guilty fragrance campaign is finally here.

In the image, he stars alongside models Julia Hafstrom, who has the fortune of being naked in the bathtub with him, and Vera Van Erp, who remains clothed on the sidelines, but is the recipient of a lovely handhold from Hafstrom. There will also be a video component, launching in September, that features the trio sexily traipsing around a baroque Venetian palazzo, per WWD. Check out what appears to be a sneak peek of that below.

Leto and crew replace original Gucci Guilty campaign stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans; the Evan/Evans duo have appeared in equally sexy Frank Miller-shot, film noir-style spots since the fragrance launched in 2010. The new campaign is more in line with the aesthetic of current Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. Leto, of course, is a friend of Michele's, and the new ads and commercial spots are shot by brand favorite Glen Luchford. Guilty is Gucci's best-selling fragrance.

This isn't Leto's first commercial; previously, he's appeared in spots forHugo Boss fragrances and Coca Cola

We've reached out to Gucci and will update once more details and images are revealed.

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Free People Capitalizes on Athleisure with Fall 2016 Good Sport Collection


Is the athleisure trend ever going to stop? As far as we know, the answer is no! Free People has just capitalized on what could be dubbed as the athleisure movement, with a brand new fall 2016 line-up entitled as the ‘Good Sport’ collection that is already available for purchase at

Free People Fall 2016 Good Sport Collection

With more than 40 different styles that could be easily flaunted at any occasion, Free People’s Good Sport collection features go-to items especially for the pre-fall transitional season. That said, get ready for tons of cozy garments, warm colors and small details that are absolutely adorable.

As for the line-up’s main influences, aside from athleisure, most of the ensembles could be linked to Gucci’s iconic geek style, as well as Prada’s urban-chic attitude, the lines, cuts and silhouettes of which are perfectly in tune with these colder months’ Nineties-inspired vibes.

The most interesting part is, however, how incredibly harmonized the Nineties and late Seventies are throughout the collection, as it was during those decades that a similar, yet more vintage athleisure trend began to grow. That’s why we get comfy sweatpants combined with super-fancy aviator-style sunglasses, or even laced-up hoodies paired with urban-inspired biker ankle boots.

Free People Fall 2016 Good Sport Collection

As for the overall color palette, Free People focused on grays, dark greens, burgundy and light-blue shades, leaving it up to the cheerful pops of red ochre and yellow to revamp the entire collection.

Following what is going to be one of fall’s leading trends, Free People will provide you with all the essentials you might need to stay warm, from knit beanies to cute socks. Other appealing accessories include sporty-chic watches, glittery headphones and holographic iPhone cases, which could easily become perfect birthday gifts as well.

Back to the clothing section, Free People’s fall 2016 Good Sport collection is not only perfect for those who love the athleisure trend, but for those who are indeed good at sports too. Besides sweatpants and joggers, the line-up also features super cozy pullovers, such as the Yo Yo Pullover, as well as edgy leggings and sports bras, the refined lines and rich colors of which make them perfect for transitioning from day to night just by adding the right accessory and jacket.

Free People Fall 2016 Good Sport Collection

The outerwear section, which varies from coats to hoodies, features two of the collection’s must-haves: the Sedwick Peacot and the Nicholas K Farley Trench. Both are wintery and a perfect transitional season investment accordingly, and will please those who love clean-cut silhouettes, as well as those who prefer structured, airy figures.

Other It-items include the Loud and Proud mini dress with a plunging-V neckline and contrasting hems (which is the result of the perfect mixture of the Preppy and the grunge Nineties styles), and the sensual Nothing But Net bralette, which those who are truly fond of the Nineties could even dare to wear over a plain white t-shirt.

The Free People Good Sport collection is already available at the brand’s, with price tags ranging from below $ to $.

Free People Fall 2016 Good Sport Collection

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