Is this dress to white too wear to a wedding?


The Mail Online have brought our attention to a Reddit thread getting some seriously mixed reactions regarding one wedding guest and her choice of dress.

Usually the internet has all the answers but on this occasion Reddit users were divided over the one big question user honeycomehome had put to them: is this dress too white to wear to a wedding?

Floral wedding guest dress by ModCloth

The dress in question, as you can see above, is white with a red floral design but no one could decide exactly if it was acceptable or not.

Some users responded that the dress was more of a floral dress than a white dress and the print was so large the colour of the dress really shouldn't matter.

Others got angry at the whole 'you can't wear white, cream, ivory anywhere on your body if you're a wedding guest' rule and thinks brides need to take a chill pill.

Then there were quite a few people suggesting that if honeycomehome was so worried about the colour of the dress that she felt the need to ask an online forum, it probably is too white to wear.

Us? We're on the 'it's a floral dress! Just wear it!' side of the argument, let us know what you think by tweeting @CosmopolitanUK

Oh and if you're ever worried about the 'what not to wear to a wedding' rules, just follow our handy guide.

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Rimmel’s Magnif’eyes 2-In-1 Double Liner & Volume Colourist Mascara Review


rimmel magnif eyes

Today I tried 2 wonderful launches by Rimmel.

One is the Magnif’eyes 2-in-1 shadow and kohl liner and other is the Volume Colourist Mascara with Lash-Tint Complex.

rimmel magnifeyes

Magnif’eye is like a pen with eyeshadow on one end and kohl liner on the other.

The eye shadowis quite intense and long lasting.

It just slides on the eyelid and blends wonderfully. It is waterproof, crease proof and transfer proof.

The best part is the easy of makeup application… The kohl can be used on the water line and as eye liner and the cream shadow is on the other end.

Its got shimmery and pearly finish and the kohl liner on the other end is deep and jet black.

They are available in 5  different shades.

Price: 45AED

Point of Sales: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

On-Counter: April 2016

Along with this I tried Rimmel Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara with Lash-Tint Complex.

I have recently started using this and I am quite satisfied with it. It lasts for many hours and is quite voluminous, it perfectly separates the lashes and and curls them ups and gives an intensity.

The mascara comes off easily with eye make-up remover.


Also, this mascara has a semi-permanent lash-tint complex that progressively blackens bare lashes every time you wear it so that, from 2 weeks onwards of regular usage, your naked lashes look DARKER FROM ROOT TO TIP!”

  • Overtime: lash-tint complex with natural colorant gradually darkens the colour of your bare lashes to help them appear more visible from root to tip from 2 weeks onwards of continuous usage. The non-permanent tint will wear off gradually after the last usage.
  • Instantly: tapered lash-intensifying brush wraps every lash with blacker than black pigments, making them instantly fuller and longer.

Price: 51AED

Point of Sales: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

On-Counter: April 2016

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Cos flared cotton dress, $125, available at Cos

Cos flared cotton dress, available at Cos

When it comes to summer dresses — especially for the levels of heat New York experiences — I tend to think, the shorter the better. But in the interest of having something a little more work-appropriate, I decided to try on the light pink version of this seemingly simple sleeveless maxi dress at Cos. 

It turned out to be one of those things that seems "ok" on the hanger but delivers a lot more wow factor when you put it on. The bodice, which has subtle panel details, is incredibly flattering, and the pleated, flared skirt falls in a casually elegant way. It's made of a lightweight, crisp-yet-stretchy fabric that's super-comfortable and is a little shorter than a maxi dress, which makes it feel more timeless. Because of the soft fabric, you could wear it to work, on a weekend stroll or even to the beach with flats; but thanks to the fancy-ish silhouette, it can easily be dressed up for, say, a summer wedding or the CFDA Awards — both events to which I wore this dress and garnered many compliments.

Unfortunately, the pink is sold out, but I'm equally into (and considering buying) the navy version, which would more easily transition into fall layered under a wool sweater and some boots or loafers.

Cos flared cotton dress, available at Cos.

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Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Denim Trends: 20 Denim Pieces To Get Now


The fall/ winter 2016-2017 denim trends are extremely diverse, bringing in denim bags, denim shoes, cool customized jeans and everything else in between. Denim is multipurpose and comfortable and can be found in a variety of options and styles. Not only are denim pieces easy to love, they are also practical with their durability and real pockets. Denim is easy to dress up or down and lasts a good long time. Everyone has at last one denim item in their closet, and we are happy to recommend the following fall/ winter 2016-2017 denim staples as possible additions to your new season wardrobe.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Denim Trends: 20 Denim Pieces To Get Now

1. MIU MIU Lace Applique Denim Bag

Shoulder bags will always be in style in some fashion or another, and Miu Miu has a masterful command of embellishments. The romantic lace addition pops over the denim, while the leather trim adds another rich accent. The silver shoulder chain is the finishing touch for this bag. Get yours at My Theresa!

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Denim Trends: 20 Denim Pieces To Get Now

2. Alice + Olivia Vintage Denim Jacket

Acid washed denim has yet to fully go away and in some cases it makes an appearance. For fall 2016 acid washed denim jackets covered in patches and pins are an entrancing addition you can get at Shopbop.

3. Embroidered Mid-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans

Bliss and Mischief’s addition to the fall/ winter 2016-2017 denim clothing trend is a pair of straight-leg jeans with a soft pink hand designed rose and arrows on each knee. These authentic 501-Levi’s-crafted jeans include cool embellishments, and are available at Net-A-Porter.

4. Rag & Bone Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a huge trend. As a fall/ winter 2016-2017 denim clothing option, boyfriend jeans are comfortable to wear and easy to style. These embroidered jeans show that the love is in the details, as the little R&B embroidered on the jeans and surrounded by the heart show. Get yours at Forward!

5. Pearl Tassel Denim Pants

These fall 2016 jeans are mid-rise and capri-styled with small leg slits and a zigzag hemline. The colorful tassels and fake pearls add a bit of whimsy and put a fun pair of jeans firmly in the fall 2016 denim trend. You can purchase yours Storets!

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Denim Trends: 20 Denim Pieces To Get Now

6. Denim Choker

Chokers are a huge trend independently, but thicker chokers can be a bit more flattering and this denim choker covers the denim trend as well. The frayed ends create a juxtaposition between textures and color that is easy to appreciate and comfortable to wear. Order yours from Baublebar!

7. Shearling Crop Denim Jacket

One of the biggest signifiers of a good fall/winter trend is the ability to last through the cold season. This denim jacket has a faux shearling lining for extra coziness and assorted pins for eye-catching details and my favorite feature is the actual pockets! Get yours atRevolve!

8. Miu Miu Denim Lace-Up Ballerinas

Miu Miu is back in the lineup with their denim ballerina shoes, another item that hits more than one trend. These flats heavily favor the ballerina aesthetic and beautifully represent for the velvet trend as well with the soft midnight blue velvet laces. The buckles are another great feature, but we have three total trends available in one package that you can buy at My Theresa.

9. Embroidered Bell-Bottom Jean

The nature inspired rigid denim jeans have a mid-rise fit and an old school flared leg. The embellishments are beautifully detailed flowers for an overtly stylish throwback look with a five-pocket style and a zip fly with button closure. Get yours from Net-a-Porter!

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Denim Trends: 20 Denim Pieces To Get Now

10. Skater Denim Indigo Mini Skirt

The finished raw edges of a denim mini skirt are a favorite of anyone with a love for the early ‘00s. It isn’t just because this skater skirt is denim that makes it a great addition for the fall 2016 denim trend, but because it is stylish, and has real pockets! Get yours atUrban Outfitters!

11. See by Chloe Denim Mini Dress

Italian made with a contrast velvet trim, this dress is on point for two fall/ winter 2016 fashion trends – denim and velvet. Amusingly enough the color is washed indigo, but the dress is dry-clean only. Get yours at Forward!

12. Sonia Rykiel Embroidered Flared Jeans

Embroidered jeans are a great choice to add to your collection and these are colorful without being overdone. While high-rise jeans are making a comeback, so are flared jeans and you get both options with these by Sonia Rykiel. Get yours at Net-A-Porter!

13. Anine Bing Jeans with Lacing

Items that work multiple trends at once are a favorite and these technically qualify with both the fall 2016 denim trend and the piercing trend as well. These denim jeans feature full-length lacing on both sides as an interesting detail. Get yours at Anine Bing!

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Denim Trends: 20 Denim Pieces To Get Now

14. Frame Nouveau Le Mix

The Nouveau le Mix jeans come in two finishes: Remix and Mix and Match. This is a straight-leg, mid-rise jean with a raw, staggered hem. The construction features two different contrasting blue denim pieces, making each pair unique. Get yours at Frame!

15. Reworked Denim Shorts

Distressed Bermuda-style denim shorts feature a relaxed fit. These are reworked, providing completely unique pairs. You can purchase a set at Runway 2 Street!

16. Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt

Even though the fall 2016 trend is denim, there almost seems to be a sub trend of embroidered denim for a bit of extra flair. This denim mini skirt is cut in a slim-fitting A link with a high waist, but the real aesthetic punch is in the embroidered floral design. Order yours from Topshop!

17. Fur & Denim Coat

In my opinion, no fall or winter trend or otherwise is complete without being prepped for the elements. In the Le Bon fur and denim jacket you will definitely be warm and what else could you want for fall? This jacket is available at Luisa Via Roma.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Denim Trends: 20 Denim Pieces To Get Now

18. Denim Overalls

Overalls are a classic and come in multiple cuts. These overalls are considered a slouchy, skinny fit due to the drop waist and relaxed tapered leg. The contoured bib gives it an interesting cut as well, and the tapered legs look best rolled up. Purchase yours atWildfox!

19. FRAME Le Crop Bell

Black denim is always interesting and trendy but when you want a fun and interesting silhouette, consider a cropped bell flare silhouette. It is a bit unexpected and the flare can range from slight to extreme, but still fashionable with the right amount of confidence. These are available at the Frame Store.

20. Ripped Letter-Print Skinny Jeans

And now for my favorite on the list – these ankle jeans are fun and trendy with the quips, rips and tears emblazoned on them. These fit perfectly at the head of the pack for the 2016 denim trends, but I thought I would save the best for last. These jeans are stunning, and can be purchased from Shien.

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Class to Night Out: Bodysuits


three photo collage bodysuit

Products: 123

Bodysuits are everywhere. Gone are the days when these pieces were reserved for a gymnastics class or a ballet recital. Bodysuits have expanded to all areas of fashion. Worn for fitness classes, casual days, and late nights this is one trend that wins serious versatility points. 

Not sure how to style a bodysuit or want more ideas? Below, I'll show you how to embrace this style and take it from day to night. 

Bodysuit: Class

To start, I selected a black v-neck bodysuit with blousy sleeves. This bodysuit is classy and chic - great for a night out - but it can still be styled for a casual day. 

To dress it down, I paired the bodysuit with basic denim shorts, sandals, and sunglasses. Finally, I added this sun hat because let's face it, summer trends will soon be coming to a close so we need to take full advantage while we still have time. Ditch it, of course, if you're heading to class

bodysuit casual class outfit

Products: BodysuitShortsSunglassesSandalsHat

Bodysuit: Night Out

Dressing in all black is a classic go-to when getting ready for a night out. However, I decided to switch up this statement style just a bit. Patterned shorts like these add a California cool vibe to the outfit, embracing those last days of summer. Sticking with the end-of-summer style theme, I added a trendy choker and gorgeous strappy heels to show off your summer pedi.

bodysuit night out outfit

Products: BodysuitShortsChokerBagHeels

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June Ambrose, Victor Cruz, Rachel Johnson, Julius Randle and Shawn Ashmore FROW at the fall 2015 Ovadia & Sons runway show. Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images
June Ambrose, Victor Cruz, Rachel Johnson, Julius Randle and Shawn Ashmore FROW at the fall 2016 Ovadia & Sons runway show. Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

In our long-running series, "How I'm Making It," we talk to people making a living in the fashion industry about how they broke in and found success.

Like actors, musicians and politicians, professional athletes look to stylists to prepare for high-profile outings and create an overall aesthetic. For sports stars, fashion can be an even more crucial element in enhancing (or creating) a public image — leading to attractive contracts, lucrative endorsements and positive PR for the team. 

See, non-sports fans like me might recognize LeBron JamesAmar'e Stoudemire and Victor Cruz more as front-row regulars, fashion collaborators and Anna Wintour BFFs, rather than: four-time NBA MVP, former New York Knicks power forward and center, and New York Giants wide receiver, respectively. And these superstar athletes (and their renowned personal style) have one person to thank: stylist Rachel Johnson. It's a bit of an understatement to call her just a stylist; she's also a relationship builder and an educator, for both her clients and the designers who dress them. 

Johnson graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree to teach English, but two years out, she scored simultaneous gigs under June Ambrose and Sybil Pennix, who styled Notorious B.I.G. and Sean Combs. "[I was] like the fifth assistant. Not the first assistant," Johnson tells Fashionista over the phone. From there, Johnson built her own roster of music clients, including Pharrell Williams, Keyshia Cole and Jamie Foxx.

About a decade ago, she made her transition into sports with "Fab Five" member, retired baller and current ESPN commentator Jalen Rose. Soon after, in a charmed music-meets-sports moment, Jay-Z introduced her to LeBron James's manager. "That whole meeting was all very serendipitous," she says. 

Further bringing entertainment, sports and fashion together, Johnson recently collaborated with CFDA Fashion Ambassador and Givenchy model Cruz on a project with Furthermore from Equinox, a new digital publication from the luxury fitness company. The two are part of theFurthermore Elite, bringing lifestyle and culture together through health and fitness. 

Johnson took time out of her many responsibilities to chat with us about the fascinating art of custom-designing for the greatest athletes in the world, dressing Stoudemire to meet Anna Wintour for the first time and fielding her clients' questions about Raf Simons going to Calvin Klein. Read on for the highlights:

How did you transition from music styling to carving your niche in sports?

During that time [2005], the music industry started changing and drying up. It was the advent of streaming music and piracy. The ways that people consumed music were changing rapidly, so budgets were changing and they expected the same amount of work for half the amount that they were paying in the past. A friend of mine introduced me to Jalen Rose. He wanted old-school jerseys and I had the direct connect for [them]. 

When I first walked into his closet, I was amazed at the selection. It was all huge, boxy — the historically bad NBA suits. The purchasing processes also intrigued me because, at that time, guys would order 60 suits for the season at one time and wear those suits over and over again. These tailors had no interest in helping them develop a style, become marketable or use the fashion community as a basis to promote themselves. Once you've made a black, a grey and a blue suit, then what do you do with the other 57 suits? That's why they were wearing purple suits, green suits, ultrasuede suits. That's why the guys looked less fashionable. Because [no] thought was put into creating their looks at all. And I said, "I think these guys might need me."

Your clients aren't traditionally sample size, so what is it like working with the designers?

Initially, there was a huge learning curve because the designers just didn't understand the [players'] proportions. For example, I took Amar'e Stoudemire to Calvin Klein when he became a Knick [in 2010]. They were very interested in dressing him. They took Amar'e's measurements and sent them to Milan, and the things that Milan sent back were less than desirable — when [the designers] looked at the measurements on paper, they thought that [the numbers] had to be wrong. The pattern makers would use the rules they were used to enforcing to create some balance to what they saw on paper. They just couldn't believe a person could be 6'10," but have a 35 inch waist. So when we took Amar'e to the Milan atelier, and the designers and the pattern makers were actually able to see him in person, they're like, "Oh, we get it now."

There needed to be a human factor. There needed to be a touch and feel. People needed to be in the room to understand each other from a personality perspective, from a cultural perspective and from a fashion and styling perspective, as well. The learning curve was not diminished until I sat with every single designer. Anytime I wanted to bring a client and designer together, this meeting of the minds had to happen; there's a lot of fostering of relationships, a lot of hand-holding, a lot of nurturing that had to happen in order for the two sides to understand each other.

How does fashion help create an athlete's public image?

It's really everything because fashion really is more than just what the guys are wearing. It's also, "where are they going?" [It's] not only creating an image for your client, but also giving him somewhere to go and working with the team to ensure that he is at the right charity event. That he is at the opening at the Whitney. That he is attending shows in Paris. The clothing part of it is fun and interesting, but even more than that [it's about] the exposure that they're getting when they have the clothing on. To me, the two can't be separated because I could have clients that look amazing in the sexiest, the most epic black suit you've ever seen in your life. But if nobody sees it, who cares? 

How much of your job is teaching the player about fashion?

The education piece is everything. That's why I just laugh sometimes. I have a degree to teach high school English. I'm an educator at heart, so even though I'm not teaching them how to match subjects with verbs, I am educating them on fit, sizing, who the major players are in the fashion community, which events they should be attending and which artists they need to know. So it's a constant education and the most important part to me, because you can always tell when a man was dressed by somebody and he had nothing to do with it. For me, the authenticity of my clients' looks is one of the most important things; it can't be authentic if he hasn't been able to choose how he looks from an educated perspective.

'Do you like my outfit?' Amar'e Stoudemire in Tom Ford and Serena Williams at Vogue's first Fashion's Night Out in 2010. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
'Do you like my outfit?' Amar'e Stoudemire in Tom Ford and Serena Williams at Vogue's first Fashion's Night Out in 2010. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

What was a memorable time when your client came into himself sartorially and he loved it and owned it?

The first thing that comes to mind really is Amar'e. There was a beautiful transition for him coming from Phoenix, Arizona — playing for the Suns — to New York and living in the Meatpacking District and really being able to consume style on a completely different level. One of the first events that he attended was the very first Vogue Fashion's Night Out [in Sept. 2010]. There was this huge fashion show at Lincoln Center and Amar'e went and sat next to Serena [Williams]. This was going to be his first time meeting Anna [Wintour]. 

I put him in this skinny baby blue Tom Ford suit. And we did go from zero to 100, but I had no choice because this was a make or break moment. This look was completely outside of [Stoudemire's] wheelhouse to the point that, before he left to go, he was even asking the maids on the hotel floor if they liked what he had on because he needed so much reinforcement. He was like, "I don't get this. I'm not comfortable in this at all." But I didn't care because I knew what it was and I knew that he looked fucking awesome. So he had this big coming out moment and kills it. I showed him the reaction that he got [via text, social media, etc.] and he was like, "OK, I get it."

What was like working with Victor Cruz for the first time?

I went to his closet — I just always start in the closet to just see what people are up to, where their heads are, where they invest their money, what they buy — and he had tons and tons of jeans. I made him try [them all on]; I didn't like the fit on any of them. I don't tell him that. I'm just like, "Why don't we try altering a couple of pairs of your jeans?" He's a little tentative, but he's like, "Okay." So I bring back maybe the first five pairs of [altered] jeans for him to try on. He looks in the mirror and he's turning... and he just starts dancing. So I know that when my client looks in the mirror and starts dancing in the clothes that I put him in that I've done my job. 

Victor Cruz and his impressive denim game at the Dockers x CFDA NYFWM opening party earlier this year. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images
Victor Cruz and his impressive denim game at the Dockers x CFDA NYFWM opening party earlier this year. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Where do you look for inspiration and keep up on trends?

One of my inspirations really comes from my clients; once their interests are peaked and they've been given the tools and the confidence that they need to become curious, to want to do their own research and to look for their own sources of inspiration, then they bring that back to me. When Raf Simons went to Calvin Klein, Victor was the first one who called me about it. The guys see this stuff. And they hit me like, "What do you think? What do you think is going to happen? Is the brand going to stay the same? How is the design going to be? Is the brand still going to be as wearable? Is it still going to have a sport edge? Are we still going to be able to love Calvin for all of the reasons that we love it?" They know who Raf Simons is because we've had those conversations.

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