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Christie’s is one of the world’s most storied auction houses, and with its sales comes the promise of a curated selection of the highest order. At the Christie’s Handbags & Accessories June Online Auction, which begins today, you’ll find exactly that, including bags and accessories from brands like Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

In addition to the exotics, special orders and rarities you’d expect from an auction house of Christie’s magnitude, shoppers looking to add everyday bags and small accessories to their existing collections are also in luck, with sale estimates as low as $300 for some of the nearly 100 lots featured. Of course, if you’re looking to find the crown jewel of your wardrobe, there are numerous standout options, including Louis Vuitton trunks and Hermès Birkins in crocodile and ostrich.

Below, we’ve included a selection of our favorite pieces from the auction at a variety of price points. Browse our picks below and make sure you shop the full assortment at Christies.com before the auction ends on June 23.

Hermès Sellier Kelly Bag in Black Calfbox Leather, 32cm


Hermès Birkin in Limited Edition Sanguine and White Clemence Eclat Leather, 40cm


Louis Vuitton Lockit Bag MM in Classic Monogram Canvas and Natural Calf Leather


Hermès Birkin in Matte Fauve Niloticus Crocodile, 30cm


Chanel Clear Lucite and Silver Lambskin Ice Cube Clutch


Hermès Birkin in Turquoise Togo Leather, 35cm


Hermès Constance Bag in Bleu Saphir Epsom Leather, 18cm


Hermès Enamel Bangles, Set of 3


Hermès Kelly Long Wallet in Blue Aztec Chevre


Hermès Retourne Kelly Bag in Gris Tourterelle Togo Leather, 35cm


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An elegant woman with blue eyes behind the bushes, an emerald green bag was sitting on her lap – it was the Hermes Maxi Box Bag featured in the Spring Summer Ad Campaign, the theme was titled Metamorphosis, an Hermes story.

A bag that is big enough to pack all the best clothes from your wardrobe, then use it as a carry-on on the airport. Or switch it to a weekend duffle when staying over at your friend’s house. The Hermes Maxi Box Bag will help you travel from New York to Tokyo.

For those who are more experienced with Hermes, the Maxi Box could be a retro of the Sac en Vie Bag, a slightly more sophisticated and modern version.

But one look at the Maxi Box and anyone can instantly recognize that it’s a ‘Hermes’ brand, every stitch and corner of the design is screaming ‘Hermes’.

For the Spring Summer Collection, we have also spotted the ‘black’ version if you’d not like the green color. Black is more classic and if you hate babying duffels or scared that it will change color over time, then this is your best option.

And of course, we have also uploaded a few more shades, just to give you a short preview and an idea of the design.

The Hermes Maxi Box Bag is sized at 21 x 37 x 15 cm (H x W x D),





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The Perfect Hermes Replica For

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Purse Valley , Hermes replica purses

Hermes replica purses are some of the most popular handbags when it comes to fashionable accessories. Hermes is also one of the most popular brands in matters of fashion, but when it comes to handbags, they really managed to put themselves in the best spotlight. Associating themselves with lots of celebrities, their handbags (especially the Birkin, Kelly and Jypsiere) have become the most sought-after purses. And there is no wonder about that, because Hermes replica purses are not only about celebrity association, but also about quality, design and exclusivity.
If you find yourself toting a Hermes replica bag, well I must say you prove your love for fashion. And here I’d like to say that when it comes to fashion, choosing the perfect accessories to match your outfight can be a bit catchy. I know that fashion has no limits, still there are some aspects which every fashionista should take in consideration.
And here I’d like to talk especially about the way you choose to match your bag. If we talk about a Birkin, things are pretty easy. Since these handbags fit perfectly on almost any kind of outfit, you should have no problem in toting them at their highest potential.
Also when we talk about a Kelly Hermes replica, finding the proper outfit is not going to be a problem. Since this bag can either be matches with an office outfit, either be matched with a chic dress. These amazing handbags are simply made to be sported in all the ways possible.
This is the most awesome part about Hermes replica purses, they offer you infinite possibilities when it comes to fashion yourself up. And I must also agree upon the fact that purchasing yourself a Hermes replica is the best deal even when you talk about the price. These bags are a pure fortune!
I love handbags, but I’m afraid my tastes are too expensive for my budget. My collection of purses has every brand name that you can think of and they are all displayed on shelves in my room. I have a bag for every outfit and I just love shopping for new purses from names like Hermes, Mulberry or Dior. Unfortunately they do not come cheap, but I do get what I pay for. The quality of these bags is excellent, but I needed to do something about my purse shopping habit because I was low on cash. Then my sister told me about PoshModa.ws; she said that I could save some serious money by purchasing my handbags at PoshModa, where they sell identical Hermes replica purses. I was skeptical at first, but when I checked out the Posh Moda website I became thrilled.
First off I’d like to talk about the classic Kelly bag. One of my favorite Hermes replica handbags. And of course, since it comes in so many different colors, picking the right one for this season might be a bit catchy. Still, I am already decided over the model I am about to order. And it’s the yellow Kelly, which I also presented in the picture. I find it to be perfect for spring because it simply screams SUN!
If it wasn’t for this yellow Kelly, another Hermes replica that I would totally get is the Picotin bag in blue. It looks simple, has a fresh color and I could use it for any kind of occasion. So basically this purse is also perfect for this warm season ahead.
The third option for me would, of course, a Birkin. Because we all know that when it comes to Hermes replicas, a Birkin is a must-have. So here we only have to choose the perfect color for that. And if you ask me, I would go for a red-pink color. Yep, you can find the exact combination of colors I’m talking about right here on this link.
Dressing fashionably starts at an early age and my handbag is an essential part of any outfit. On today’s fashion scene, this means carrying Hermes Knockoffs. The most fashionable way to transport essentials, this handbag is also a statement of stature, elegance and sophistication. Looking good is the object of a stylish accessory and the handbag is a primary component. Wallets and other accessories match up with Hermes replicas and enhance the look. Originals may take months to get but Hermes knockoffs puts the image of the original in your hands immediately.
My copy of these best bags is an artistic canvas. Think of a Hermes replica as a painting in purse form. Careful attention is given to detail, including clasp and stitching. Indulge in Birkin 30 and 40 CM handbags or the skillfully designed Hermes clasp clutch. Hermes knockoffs are sold in multiple sizes and colors. Change bags with the seasons and with outfits. Bags are crafted with tags, clochette, embossing and TOGO leather. This designer has bags from Evelyne and the Kelly in its collection.

Hermes Kelly Yellow

< Hermes Replica Birkin Red Katie Holmes , Hermes replica purses

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A Knock Off Hermes Bag For The Win

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Black Friday Sales- Top Hermes Replica Buys!

Knock Off Hermes Bag Constance Nicky Hilton

A knock off Hermes bag can surely make you stand out of the crowd. Since these bags are made for only one kind of user, toting one can say lots about you. And here I am not only talking about how expensive these bags are, but about your good tastes in matter of fashion. Recently I have stumbled upon a series of pictures of Nicky Hilton toting a Hermes Constance bag. An incredibly beautiful purse, which if you ask me, is worth having it in your collection no matter what.

If you’re looking for a Hermes Constance bag, I also shared with you a link where you can find this bag at a very good quality. Or any other model you’re in love with, it’s your choice!
For the Black Friday Sales that are soon coming, everyone needs to put on their shopping list a few new Hermes items. They are timeless pieces that shouldn’t be missing from your luxury replica articles collection.
Be it a replica handbag, an elegant watch or a piece of jewelry, one must add a few Hermes products to their wardrobe.
But how come a knock off Hermes bag is able to compete with an original one? Well, here we might find a few legit answers to that. First would be the identical design they most of the times respect. I mean, you pay a few hundred dollars on a bag that’s worth a ten times higher price. And I’m saying “most of the times” because, as we all know, this is a pretty dangerous business since there are so many scams out there. And you need lots of research in order to find the best replica Hermes bag. Anyway, the next answer would be the quality of these bags. A knock off Hermes bag will usually come in good quality. And here I’m talking about the leather used for its crafting, the stitching and the hardware. All these features must come in good quality if you’re up for a good replica Hermes.
So talking about a knock off Hermes bag can be a sad story or a very happy one. Ever since I started being crazy about replica handbags I had a good reason. And it was about being able to purchase only the best replica handbags on the market. But that takes, as I said, a bit of research and patience. 
The Black Friday Sales are such a happy time for fashion lovers. It’s a time when they can find some of the best online deals. The main advantage of replica accessories is that they allow people to afford luxury products. Fashion lovers from all over the world can buy their favorite branded articles without spending a fortune on them. Imagine how good it feels to pay even less during the Black Friday Sales. Fashion has never been so affordable.
Planning to expand your collection with a few products during the sales period? That’s an excellent idea! And we have a few suggestions we’re sure you will find very interesting.
Since we’re still in the fall season, we chose a few accessories in fall colors to match your seasonal outfits. Every season has its colors and autumn is all about the leafs chancing colors. Orange and tan are some popular shades these days and we couldn’t miss the occasion to show you some beautiful Hermes replicas in these colors.
You will fall in love with the Hermes Constance Elan Orange Replica Bag. The bag was created in 1959 and it was relaunched in 2010. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a big fan of this model and we get why. It has a timeless elegance and it looks great when added to almost any outfit. Many A-listers have been spotted wearing it. Diane Kruger, Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsey Lohan have been seen matching to their outfits.
This bag comes in many colors and sizes, but we really love this combination.
The design is gorgeous and the vivid Orange color complements it wonderfully.
It features a long shoulder strap that makes it very comfortable and practical. We’re telling you, this replica bag is a must have this season. It goes great with the color block trend. Add this orangey handbag to a purple or pink outfit and you’ll get a very stylish result. And these are only two possibilities out of many. Find it right here.
Both women and men love watches. How could they not? A good replica watch will make anyone effortlessly stand out. For the Black Friday Sales add a Hermes Heure Replica Watch to your shopping bag. It matches perfectly with the Orange Hermes Constance Elan Replica Bag and you could wear them together if you’re a true Hermes fan.

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Hermès Garden Party36 Pockets



This post happened because of my last one, when a reader on Facebook asked aboutGarden Party bags that came with slings, which stumped me for a while. Yes, I’ve seen them online on Instagram, but I wasn’t sure myself if they were vintage or worse, you know, copies with added improvements. Well that mystery is officially solved, and I can now safely tell you that what we’ve been seeing is actually this: Hermès’ Garden Party36 Pockets.

Called Garden Party36 because it measures almost 36 cm from end to end, it also comes with a sling that’s adjustable as well. There are also pockets that go around the exterior of the bag, and if I’m not wrong, 3 on the front and 3 on the back, which makes it a great workhorse as well, one that that offers additional space for your bits and bobs.

Available in a variety of colours on regular canvas and even one that comes striped (they call it Riga canvas), I’ve only seen them offered online so far over on Hermès UK and US sites. Priced at GBP2440 and USD3974 respectively, they should be aroundSGD5000 or so in Singapore, though honestly I haven’t seen any as yet.

Not cheap by any standards yes, but affordable by Hermès’ standards. And one that should fly off the shelves pretty quickly too, given how popular the Garden Party totes already are anyway. Adding a shoulder sling just makes them even more desirable (and user-friendly) if you ask me.

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Are you thinking the same? This Hermes Bolide Twill Vice Versa Pouch (what a long name) reminds of pencil case, don’t you think so? Just look at the shape and zipper.

But spending $500 bucks for a pencil case is a bit exaggerated and it’s really a waste of use because the Hermes Bolide Bag Collection is quite famous. Just think of it as a long pouch bag.

Well, we have introduced more tiny Hermes Bolide Pouches in the past, here’s a reminder:

And here’s the latest Hermes Bolide Bag with double bottom…

This Pouch is simple, but check the ‘dotted Hermes logo in leather’ on the front. This case is partly made from silk and cotton, priced at $540 USD via Hermes boutique.

What do you think, let us know…








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