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If Louis Vuitton bags are your cup of tea, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it has recently released a new bag. Without further ado, here is the Louis Vuitton Jersey Tote Bag which screams fashionable uniqueness in all its angles.

Dubbed to be a perfect daily go-to companion for women who are always on the go, this Jersey shoulder tote in Damier Ebene canvas and supple Taurillon leather is nothing short of casual chic. Functional, practical, and distinctively elegant, this tote bag is sure to become your newest style staple.

What we love most about this bag would be the new design which it is sporting. That is, the colored part of the bag in the center which is made from leather. The mix of Canvas print with leather is something we’ve been seeing more often at Louis Vuitton these days. It’s a new trend that blends the iconic plant-made print together with leather luxury. And it’s also eye-catching, because the leather is smooth and painted in solid bright color, which is very notable between the canvas print. The side is attached to a leather as well, it’s the location where you connect the shoulder strap. Now to further appreciate its beauty and uniqueness, it’s best if we take a look at it with queer eyes.

Made from Ebene coated canvas and Taurillon leather exterior, this tote bag is perfectly complemented by shiny gold colored metallic pieces. Both functional and practical, it also features 2 flat shoulder handles for easy hand carrying and a removable shoulder strap for effortless shoulder carrying.

It also features a key bell and golden metallic rivets on handles and on both sides of the LV signature for an added touch of chic. Aside from this, it also has a lot to offer with its interior features! It has a double smartphone pocket and an interior flat pocket to keep your things organized.
Measuring 16.1’ x 11’ x 5.1’ inches and is priced $2260 USD, €1640 euro, £1530 GBP, $2790 CAD, $2920 AUD, ¥266760 JPY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.



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Céline Just Released Its Most Extensive Luggage Tote Lookbook Ever, Including a Couple Price Updates

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Luxury Micheal Kors Selma Tote Bags

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All right, there are two things that are trending right now. First are the Micheal Kors Handbags, we’re seeing more and more people carrying it nowadays.

Then unexpectedly, handbags with extended wings are becoming hot in the fashion industry. And of course, it reminds us of the Celine Luggage and Phantom Tote.

Let’s continue. The Micheal Micheal Kors Selma handbag is a practical and functional tote bag to use as an everyday accessory. It’s made in ‘single colors’, effortess to match any outfit in your wardrobe and it’s embellished with the ‘Micheal Kors’ Logo on the front.

It comes with a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap to carry cross body. On the inside, you can find four patch pockets and one internal zip pocket. It’s built from strong and durable calfskin.

Besides colors, the Selma handbags are also available in ‘quilted versions’ for a more luxury feel. The price is very reasonable, perfect for those that want to step-in the world of designer handbags. Welcome!


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Fendi likes to play, we already know that by now. Have you seen the ‘Bag Bugs Collection’ yet? It’s going to return in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, but that’s another story that we will be sharing later on.

Personally, I lean more toward the ‘classics’ and the ‘timeless’ bags, preferable embellished with grown-up elements. I do not mind a little twist or two though, if it can make it more playful but without losing its edge. And that’s what the new Fendi 3jours Tote is all about, one little modification and the style has shift in 180 degrees.

You are probably already familiar with the Fendi 2jours tote, the most iconic bag of the brand, the Fendi 3jours inherited almost the same elements, and the only major differences are those extended wings. We understand, if Fendi 2jours is not roomy enough, go a level higher, and take the Fendi 3jours tote instead.

The shearling handles are purposely painted with bright colors, there’s no way anyone can miss them, the first thing your eyes want to look at is not the shape nor the design, but the handles – black and white, red and yellow, grey and orange, beige and pink. It’s like a fairy tale bag.

Measuring 12′ x 11′ x 6.25′ (W x H x D), prices are not yet published.




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Summer is Calling: Sophie Hulme Citrus Fruit Tote

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Summer is Calling: Sophie Hulme Citrus Fruit Tote

The hype over Sun friendly attire has been mocking us since last years winter season, but now that we’ve made a break through into the spring season, warm weather accessories become a realistic manner. One of my favorite quirky styles for handbags has always been the fruit purse trend; they’re cute, fun, full of color contrast and attract many compliments.

Although I’ve always been delighted by an appropriately designed fruit-inspired handbag, today I’ve spotted a classic twist to the trendy style. Sophie Hulme knows how to design accessories with warm golden tones and unexpected features; on this specific Embellished Square tote, you will find an array of sliced citrus.

To begin with, the bed of fruit slices lays over a smooth and sturdy boxy tote, that’s easily carried via rolled leather handles or a comfortable body strap. Her signature gold plated hardware compliments the rich Tan color of this tote and a golden banana charm seals this spring collection. Asides the shimmery gold tones, it’s the elaborate arrangements of crystal stones over the citrus slices that will turn heads towards this tote.

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Dior Small Diorissimo Tote Bag

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The smaller, the better, as long as it’s beautiful.

The famous Diorissimo tote bag, you know from the brand DIOR. Its fame is still rising and certainly keeping the pace of the Lady Dior Tote (the bag that we love so much, in no matter what shape and style.) But after introducing a series of new colors and decoration of the Diorissimo Bag in medium and large size, it was about time that something stunning would shake our never-ending wish list. Here you are, the Dior Small Diorissimo Tote.

Basically the exact same design like the medium size, but just a bit smaller. So small that it’s shape reminds of the Lady Dior Medium Tote. But do not get confused, the Lady Dior Tote is embellished with cannage stitching, while the Diorrismo tote is enriched with smooth leather.

Made from calfskin, a leather that’s strong and impeccable (especially when it comes to DIOR), the color effect between rose hot pink exterior and the gris interior enhances the smooth skin. It can be carried by hand, across body or on the shoulder with its elegant but spontaneous look, also accessorized with silver hardware.

The Diorissimo Small Tote is also available in different colors, more information will be shared later on. Measuring 22.5 x 16.5 x 10 cm (just to give you an indication, the medium size is measured 32 x 23 x 11 cm). Priced at $3700 USD and around $4500 SGD. Only available at Dior boutique.


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