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The question that we receive often is: ‘Should I purchase a Chanel bag in caviar or in Lambskin’. While caviar is more durable, the lambskin feels very luxurious. Caviar is also heavier than the lambskin.

And when it comes to wallets, I’d think that the best leather option is to just go for the lambskin, for the main reason that if you give your wallet a safe and secured place in your bag, the chances of getting scratches is slim.

This wallet was purchased by Connie a half year ago, the images give you an indication of how the lambskin leather changes when it’s used. It becomes a bit loose and softer.

This wallet was bought in Taiwan for 35,000 TWD, equivalent $1,200 USD dollars. The other question that we need to ask is: ‘Do you think it’s worth it?’, knowing that the Wallet on Chain bags are priced around $1,500 USD. So if you throw a couple of extra dollars on the table, you get an extra chain to carry it on your shoulder. So what is your answer?





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Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain

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If a Chanel jumbo flap or 2.55 purse is too pricey to pique your shopping interest, why not go for the lovely Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain?

Perfectly encapsulating the classic Parisian-chic look with quilted leather and the Chanel double “C” logo, it is exactly the same as the Chanel Boy purse, except that it’s pint-sized and works well as a wallet or mini bag. You can find it slung on the shoulders of A-listers including actress Keira Knightley, Austrian model Nadine Leopold and fashion blogger Alexandra Pereira from Lovely Pepa.

Photo credits to,, and

Photo credits to,, and

Chanel’s Fall Winter 2014 Collection saw this fun-sized wallet in classic black with silver hardware, crafted from metallic lambskin, sized at 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches. Other options include the aged calfskin and metallic calfskin, and you can find it in red, black, green and more (but the black is a wildly popular choice in France and Australia!)

ShopandBox this beauty from France now and save more than AUD 300 / SGD 400 / MYR 90 at the same time! Scroll down for more details on how much the Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain costs in France, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia respectively:

Chanel Boy Wallet

Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain, EUR 1760, + Add To Wishlist

*prices indicated in illustrations are lowest base prices available for the black aged calfskin/metallic calfskin purses
**prices accurate as of June 23, 2015 and exclude PayPal fees and duties you might be subjected to

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You know you’re buying good stuff when the item return season after season. That is the case of the Celine Strap Multifunction. And you will definitely love it because it is a true Celine design – you know, minimalistic, simple and yet impressive.

Crafted from grained and sleek calfskin leather, the wallet is durable and strong. It opens with an easy snap closure and the front leather ‘strap’… well I guess that’s how this wallet got its name. It’s really a typical Celine beauty – the bi-color that you will love – all black with a red leather strap.

The tiny letters on the bottom (in case you’re wondering) reads Made in Italy and Celine Paris. For this new season, there are several more colors to choose: Baby Blue, Coquelicot and Black.

The interior comes with several credit card pockets, a zip pocket and compartments for your cash. It’s certainly not disappointing.

One more thing though, this is the Celine Strap Multifunction Wallet in medium size. But they have the same wallet also in large size. You can read more about it here: Celine Strap Large Multifunction Wallet.

Measuring 5’ x 4’ inches, priced at €500 euro via Celine boutique.


Celine Strap Large Multifunction Wallet
Price: €550 euro


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What comes in Raspberry Red and is as exciting as Christmas morning? You got it, it’s the Dior ‘Turn Me Dior’ Envolee Wallet, another small leather goodie you should watch out for! Highly refined with a hint of sexiness, this magical piece is here to show you that huge style can come from such a small package.

The piece has a light gold geometric clasp which pays homage to the brand’s Cannage signature (with a twist). With a grained calfskin exterior, you’re sure to be the star of the show with this one! Ideally sized, it has all you need for the day – a billfold compartment, a zipped pocket, two flat pockets and six card slots. If you’re a junkie for zero clutter, then this will definitely work for your benefit! It easily slips inside your favorite handbag too, so no worries!

Measuring 11.5cm x 9cm, you can get your very own ‘Turn Me Dior’ Envolee Wallet for €400 EUR or £320 GBP via Dior e-store.



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The Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet is a breathtaking piece that’s bound to keep us excited. We are all about them classy and dangerous designer pieces, and by the looks of it, this wallet really is the ‘femme fatale’ of small leather goods – pretty small if you really think about it, but if you look closely, you could see how fine the craftsmanship on this thing is. Seriously, if you want to buy a designer wallet, consider a YSL – you won’t be disappointed at all.

This piece is a classic zip around (secures all your stuff!) which is large enough to fit all your hard-earned moolah – made with 100% calf skin leather, this is durable enough to withstand years of use (and abuse). You can never go wrong with the material used in this wallet. Inside, there are twelve card slots, a coin pocket, two bill and receipt compartments – a fully functional piece indeed! What more would you ever wish for in a wallet?

Measuring 3.7” x 7.6” inches (H x W), you can get your very own Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet for €545 EUR

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Hermes Constance Long Wallet



Let’s talk business.

The Hermes Constance Handbags are all in great demand, including the Constance Elan. They are hard-to-find and some people say that they are as hard to get as the iconic Kelly Bag.

And I also belief that (also from personal experience).

But how about the Hermes Constance Long Wallet? Is it as popular as the Constance Bag?

Great question, well here’s a fact:

We have sourced extensively at Hermes officially website for the past three years, never have we spotted the Constance Long Wallet online.

We have found the Hermes Kelly Wallet a couple of times.

Yes it’s scarce, but do you like it?

The Hermes Constance is a minimalistic wallet with great capacity. The ‘H’ which stands for Hermes is quite sophisticated and bold. This version is in anemone purple, crafted from Epsom calfskin and refined with silver and palladium detailing.

How about the inside?

With twelve credit card slots, two flat pockets, a central zipped change purse, one rear external pocket and one front pocket. Everything you need is packed inside.

Everything pretty comes with a price.

Measuring 13 x 20.5 cm, priced at €3100 euro or £2840 GBP via Hermes Boutique.

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