Jaime King Hops on the Dior Handbag Bandwagon

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Jaime King Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

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Sarah Jessica Parker Carries Snob Essentials

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Sarah Jessica Parker Snob Essentials 4

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Celine Boxy Handbag

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Ha! This is the typical Celine bag, focused on quality and streamlined, in other word – an one flavor cupcake with no sprinkles or whipped cream on top.

As you might know, Celine presented their Fall 2014 Collection last week and we reviewed only the classic bags so far. The Celine Boxy Handbag, unlike the Celine Classic Box, is an entirely new addition. But we aren’t sure yet whether this bag will stick around or will disappear in the next season. But either way, it’s a win-win situation for you, because…

If it will be discontinued, then you own a limited edition designer bag. A Celine bag that only you and a few people around the world have, how cool is that?

If not, then this bag has proof itself to be worthy to join the rank of the ‘classic line’ and it will be retro next season. Either way, you win.

The Celine Boxy Handbag has the timeless look – flexible to tote for work and after-work. It will gladly match to your chic and formal clothes, basically it’s a bag for the hard working girl or the business woman.

Available in three fall colors; burgundy, tan (brown) and black, it’s made from calfskin. If you are curious about the prices, come back over a few weeks. We will update this post. And like our Facebook page to support us.



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National Handbag Day Spotlight: Rebecca Minkoff Waverly Eyelet Studs Crossbody

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In preparation for National Handbag Day this Friday, October 10, we’ll be announcing a special bag every day. Each bag is from one of our very favorite designers, and they’re all available at Bloomingdale’s, our National Handbag Day partner. To kick things off, we have the Rebecca Minkoff Waverely Eyelet Studs Crossbody.


Minkoff is a designer that has a special place in the hearts of the whole PurseBlog team; we’ve gotten to watch Rebecca’s company grow alongside us on our PurseForum, almost from the day that both were founded. Our members were the first “Minkettes,” which is now a term that refers to all of the brand’s ardent fans, and they (and we) are always excited to see what Rebecca has coming up next. We’re even more proud that this time, it’s something to celebrate National Handbag Day.


This particular bag is close to our hearts because it’s such a great example of what Rebecca Minkoff does so well–bridging day and evening with a bag that feels simultaneously casual and fancy. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off our countdown to National Handbag Day with Bloomingdale’s.

You can pick up the bag in Bloomingdale’s National Handbag Day pop-up shop for $395.


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October 10th is the Second Annual National Handbag Day – Join Us and Bloomingdale’s in Celebrating!

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National Handbag Day 2014

Our absolute favorite holiday is right around the corner: National Handbag Day! Last year was the first-ever National Handbag Day, and this year we have another great week of celebrating planned. Friday, October 10 is the big day, and we know you’ll want to follow along and join us in the fun we have planned.

We’ve teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to bring you the lots of celebration and surprises in praise of our favorite things: handbagsBloomindale’s worked with us and five of our favorite designers to create exclusive National Handbag Day bags, which you can only get through the Bloomingdale’s National Handbag Day online pop-up shop.

Last year we realized that our favorite accessory didn’t have its own holiday, and we had to change that. It seems like you guys agreed with us; over 3,600 of you shared images onInstagram, in addition to thousands of tweets, and I’m sure plenty of new handbag acquisitions were made as well. You can also follow along with the festivities on the Bloomingdale’s Twitter and Instagram pages.

We want to hear and see from you again this year. Be sure to follow @PurseBlog and Instagram your favorite bag images with the hashtag #National Handbag Day. (Tag as at @PurseBlog as well to be sure we see it!) We will be regramming our favorite images and showcasing some on PurseBlog throughout the week.

Also, don’t forget to tweet us as well! Tomorrow, we will be holding our first-ever #PurseChat on Twitter, and we would love to have you join us!

This is going to be a fun week, filled with exclusive bags and more from Bloomingdale’s, great handbag features, and even a giveaway sprinkled in there. Stay tuned and follow along with #National Handbag Day!

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Marc Jacobs Continues His Handbag Push with Military Vibes for Spring 2015

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Handbags 10

Marc Jacobs is not a man of opaque themes; he’s preternaturally talented when it comes to a lot of things, and among them is letting his spectators, fans and clients know what he’s thinking during his seasonal shows. For Spring 2015, Jacobs clearly had his mind on the military, and the show contained the dusty olives and khakis that go right along with that, down to the bags.

Since leaving Louis Vuitton, Jacobs has put a clear emphasis on revitalizing his once-dominant accessories business, and he’s released several strong bags in aid of those efforts. The familiar one that popped up in this collection was a theme and variations on the Trouble Bag, a simple flap shoulder bag with a signature disc closure. The collection also included a number of oversized silk-satin knapsacks and totes in the style of traditional military bags, and although those supported the theme, they’re unlikely to be big sellers. Check out the full collection below.

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