Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora vs Real: When The Price Is Too Good To Be True

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You can already find two detailed posts on how to spot a replica Givenchy Antigona bag and also plenty of replica handbags reviews that will help you learn how to stay away from bad fakes. So this time I want to write more about another Givenchy bag replica that’s also very popular, the Pandora messenger bag.

I will also make a few mentions on other popular styles from the brand, such as the replica Givenchy Rottweiler bag or the Givenchy Lucrezia bag. When it comes to celebrity favorites, I don’t think there’s a Givenchy bag that could ever surpass the Antigona’s wild popularity. Still, if there’s a certain Givenchy bag replica you’d like to know more about, just let me know.

Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora vs Real

I recently received an email from a reader who wanted me to authenticate her Givenchy Pandora bag in distressed leather:

“Hi Eva!

I came accross your blog as I was browsing pics of real vs fake givenchy Pandora. I really want to buy this bag. (Photos attached) The seller says all her bags were from an auction in Japan where they get luxury nags in . Thank you so much for your help and I await your reply.

More power to you and you blog! 	<p class=Tag: replica Givenchy bag Price To The PANDORA is vs Real: When Too Good Be True

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The Perfect Hermes Replica For

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Purse Valley , Hermes replica purses

Hermes replica purses are some of the most popular handbags when it comes to fashionable accessories. Hermes is also one of the most popular brands in matters of fashion, but when it comes to handbags, they really managed to put themselves in the best spotlight. Associating themselves with lots of celebrities, their handbags (especially the Birkin, Kelly and Jypsiere) have become the most sought-after purses. And there is no wonder about that, because Hermes replica purses are not only about celebrity association, but also about quality, design and exclusivity.
If you find yourself toting a Hermes replica bag, well I must say you prove your love for fashion. And here I’d like to say that when it comes to fashion, choosing the perfect accessories to match your outfight can be a bit catchy. I know that fashion has no limits, still there are some aspects which every fashionista should take in consideration.
And here I’d like to talk especially about the way you choose to match your bag. If we talk about a Birkin, things are pretty easy. Since these handbags fit perfectly on almost any kind of outfit, you should have no problem in toting them at their highest potential.
Also when we talk about a Kelly Hermes replica, finding the proper outfit is not going to be a problem. Since this bag can either be matches with an office outfit, either be matched with a chic dress. These amazing handbags are simply made to be sported in all the ways possible.
This is the most awesome part about Hermes replica purses, they offer you infinite possibilities when it comes to fashion yourself up. And I must also agree upon the fact that purchasing yourself a Hermes replica is the best deal even when you talk about the price. These bags are a pure fortune!
I love handbags, but I’m afraid my tastes are too expensive for my budget. My collection of purses has every brand name that you can think of and they are all displayed on shelves in my room. I have a bag for every outfit and I just love shopping for new purses from names like Hermes, Mulberry or Dior. Unfortunately they do not come cheap, but I do get what I pay for. The quality of these bags is excellent, but I needed to do something about my purse shopping habit because I was low on cash. Then my sister told me about; she said that I could save some serious money by purchasing my handbags at PoshModa, where they sell identical Hermes replica purses. I was skeptical at first, but when I checked out the Posh Moda website I became thrilled.
First off I’d like to talk about the classic Kelly bag. One of my favorite Hermes replica handbags. And of course, since it comes in so many different colors, picking the right one for this season might be a bit catchy. Still, I am already decided over the model I am about to order. And it’s the yellow Kelly, which I also presented in the picture. I find it to be perfect for spring because it simply screams SUN!
If it wasn’t for this yellow Kelly, another Hermes replica that I would totally get is the Picotin bag in blue. It looks simple, has a fresh color and I could use it for any kind of occasion. So basically this purse is also perfect for this warm season ahead.
The third option for me would, of course, a Birkin. Because we all know that when it comes to Hermes replicas, a Birkin is a must-have. So here we only have to choose the perfect color for that. And if you ask me, I would go for a red-pink color. Yep, you can find the exact combination of colors I’m talking about right here on this link.
Dressing fashionably starts at an early age and my handbag is an essential part of any outfit. On today’s fashion scene, this means carrying Hermes Knockoffs. The most fashionable way to transport essentials, this handbag is also a statement of stature, elegance and sophistication. Looking good is the object of a stylish accessory and the handbag is a primary component. Wallets and other accessories match up with Hermes replicas and enhance the look. Originals may take months to get but Hermes knockoffs puts the image of the original in your hands immediately.
My copy of these best bags is an artistic canvas. Think of a Hermes replica as a painting in purse form. Careful attention is given to detail, including clasp and stitching. Indulge in Birkin 30 and 40 CM handbags or the skillfully designed Hermes clasp clutch. Hermes knockoffs are sold in multiple sizes and colors. Change bags with the seasons and with outfits. Bags are crafted with tags, clochette, embossing and TOGO leather. This designer has bags from Evelyne and the Kelly in its collection.

Hermes Kelly Yellow

< Hermes Replica Birkin Red Katie Holmes , Hermes replica purses

Tag: replica Hermès For Perfect The

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Celine Bag Replica Reviews: Is Bagaholics Better Than AliExpress?

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Today I’m going to show you two Celine bag replica reviews: one that was purchased from Aliexpress and one that was bought from I think you will be surprised to see that the cheaper one was actually better.

Celine Bag Replica Comparison

This proves two important things: 1. the Aliexpress bad reviews have become much rarer since my readers have learnt how to choose the good sellers and 2. even the most reputable replica sites make big mistakes and this Celine bag replica is a sad proof.

Celine Bag Replica – Where Is It Made?

Where are Celine bags made? Even though some high end designers now manufacture their bags in China, Celine still makes its bags in Italy. People have also told me about replica sellers that claim their Celine replica bags are made in Italy with original leather and that’s why they cost more than the ones made in China, but allow me to doubt that is true. Some sellers would say anything to sell their products and even though the replica bags they are selling are actually good, it doesn’t mean they are made in Italy. So don’t fall into this “fake Celine bags made in Italy” trap, it’s probably just a reason for the seller to overprice the bags.

Replica Celine Tie Tote - Where are Celine bags made

Replica Celine Tie From Yahoo! Auctions

I don’t know if you guys remember but a month ago I posted a replica Celine Tie tote review. The bag was bought from a replica seller on Yahoo Auctions that told my friend there are two price points for his replica Celine bags based on where they are made. The ones made in Japan were $100 cheaper than the ones he claimed were made in Italy with original leather. But if you’re honestly trying to find out where are Celine bags made, you need to be honest with yourself. Celine replica bags are probably made in China. If you comes across a seller who tells you the same thing, the best thing you can do is ask for as many photos as possible to do a comparison. And then you need to ask yourself if the more expensive one is really worth it. Review – Celine Phantom Bag Replica

“Hi Eva!

I just wanted to send you a review of my latest bag, the Cèline Phantom Luggage from AliExpress seller Victor Peng (same as my Cèline Mini Luggage).

Customer Service: As always, Victor is very helpful and send really good pre-shipping photos. He also makes sure that all my demands are met and if I don’t like the first bag he sends pictures of he will find me another one until I am happy.

Flaws:I can’t find many flaws on this bag, however I find the braid on the zipper is not very well done and that kind of annoys me. Exept from that there aren’t any obvious flaws in my opinion. The “made in Italy” stamp is a little bit too low and just the slightest crooky (but not noticeable since its on the inside)

Pros: The stitching is absolutely perfect! It is aligned all over the bag and it is very straight and small. The handles seem to be the right size as it fits in the crook of my arm but not over the shoulder (as another replica I bought did) and the interioir is lushious suede. The pocket has the date stamp tab inside. The bag is made out of real leather and is so increadibly smooth and soft, the suede inside is absolutely lovely!

Packaging and shipping: The bag came so well packagde stuffed with 3 air pillows and plastic over all the hardware. The bag arrived within 15 days of payment and it was trackable.

I think that Victor is an excellent seller for Cèline bags. I have different sellers for different brands. But again, I am so happy with this purchase and I hope you can give me some feedback for this bag and post the review on you blog.”

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Exterior Zipper Pocket

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Handles Support Tabs

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Celine Paris Stamp

Interior of the Celine Phantom Bag Replica

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Interior View

Interior Of The Celine Phantom Bag Replica

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Made In Italy Stamp

The Inside Pocket and Stamp of the Celine Phantom Bag Replica

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Datecode

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Serial Number Inside the Pocket

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Braid Zipper

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Zipper Pull

Just like I told my friend, I don’t think the interior is lined with real suede and the front logo looks a bit crooked (especially the accent on “E”) and I also thought that the handle tab on the right looks a bit wider than the one on the left but it seems that the tabs are actually the same size but looks a bit off since the bag is stuffed. Even so, these are flaws that can get overlooked.

This Phantom Celine bag replica was $210. Wow, right? My friend’s advice on how to choose the best Aliexpress sellers? Here it is: “I always choose the sellers with highest rating and ask for tons of pictures before asking them to send the bag 	<p class=Tag: replica bag Celine than is Reviews: Bagaholics Better AliExpress?

comments(0) views(497) Reviews: A Cheap Saint Laurent Replica Like This Comes With Its Disadvantages

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There are no reviews on Spotbags but I’m going to fix this by posting this Saint Laurent replica review! I also thought it would be interesting to do a comparison between the pink YSL tassel bag replica, a pink Sac de Jour Nano and the Saint Laurent Baby Sac De Jour review that’s already on the blog.

Saint Laurent Replica Monogram Shoulder Bag Review

This site has some really cheap replica bags but there’s more I want to discuss both about the site and the fake YSL bag, so stick around! Reviews

It’s enough to do a quick Google search to see that they promote their replica bags as cheap. And cheap they are! What I like about this site:

-they use their own photos, so you know what to expect;

-their return policy is honest. You can’t return a bag or any other item unless it is damaged, it’s the wrong size, the wrong item or it’s defective. Given the fact that their replica bags are so cheap, it would have been unlikely for them to accept returns for any other reasons. If so, the shipping would cost them more than the bag itself, so it’s not profitable;

-their bags have different price ranges but even their most expensive ones are still cheap compared to other replica sites.

But as I always say, the low price comes at a cost. And this Saint Laurent replica Cassandre tassel bag is no exception.

The girl who shared these photos with me didn’t also share her Inewstore review unfortunately, she just wanted to hear my opinion. But this YSL tassel bag replica confirmed what I was already thinking about this site, so I don’t think that any other reviews could change my opinion.

First of all, I wouldn’t recommend you to buy your replica bags from a site that sells so many other products. They also have clothing, jeans and accessories which is actually bad if you’re looking for high-quality replica handbags. This means they are not specialized in replica bags and their business policy seems to be “quantity over quality” instead of “quality over quantity”. The more the merrier doesn’t really apply to replica bags. Just because there’s a lot to choose from, it doesn’t mean the quality is also good.

Saint Laurent Replica Cassandre Tassel Bag Review

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Lining

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Inside View

YSL Tassel Bag Replica YSL Logo Gold

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Front Metal Logo

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Inside Logo

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Interior Logo Stamp

YSL Cassandre Replica Hardware Piece

YSL Cassandre Replica Hardware Engraving Zoom

First things first. Let’s start with the color! Unfortunately the color of this Saint Laurent replica is quite different from the original. There’s a monogram YSL clutch bag in a similar color that is called Rose Claire but I don’t think the Saint Laurent Cassandre bag was ever made in this particular shade of pink. Still, Monogram Saint Laurent bags and clutches come in many different shades of pink, so I’d say this is a flaw that could be overlooked.

Things would be different with the Sac de Jour Nano in baby pink because Kylie Jenner made that bag so famous and popular that everyone wanted the exact same color. Check out this Saint Laurent replica Sac De Jour review and you’ll understand better what I’m talking about. If you want to buy a copy of an extremely popular bag like this, you need to get a really good replica. Because people will recognize it and even the less experienced will be able to tell how to spot a fake YSL bag as popular as that.

Kylie Jenner Nano Sac De Jour Pink

Kylie Jenner Wearing the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Nano

Now that I look back and think about this Saint Laurent baby Sac de Jour review, I realize how good it was compared to this Saint Laurent replica bag. The details ruined the authentic look of that bag but it definitely wasn’t an obvious fake. But I’m sorry to say things are different with this YSL tassel bag replica, you really don’t need to read a how to spot a fake YSL bag guide to tell it’s a replica.

Saint Laurent Baby Sac De Jour Review vs Saint Laurent replica Cassandre bag review

Saint Laurent Baby Sac De Jour Review Comparison

Still, I’m going to give you a few hints to those who are new to the replica world and don’t have much experience with replica bags:

– Poor hardware engraving

– Wrong material used for the lining, it should be made of suede and the way the interior is organized is completely wrong too. I don’t get what’s with all those card slots and that zipper pocket. Inside there should be only one leather slip pocket with a logo leather tag. I know there is no Saint Laurent Universite bag review on the blog but here’s a helpful tip: the interior of the Monogram Saint Laurent Universite bag is actually very similar. It should also be lined with suede and feature a leather slip pocket. Saint Laurent doesn’t really risk and innovate a lot when it comes to the design of their bags.

– The inside stamp placed on the interior of the flap is also completely wrong. The logo should be right under the magnetic snap and it should say “Saint Laurent Paris” in regular font, not in Italic. This must be one of the worst inside stamps I’ve ever seen in a replica of this YSL bag.

– Sloppy and uneven stitching noticeable on the front flap.

– The color and the overall cheap aspect of the hardware is also a giveaway and so is the tassel because it doesn’t have enough chains.

Someone asked me if I could write an YSL Cabas monogram review a while ago but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. So if anyone is willing to send me some photos, I am willing to write a how to spot a fake YSL bag guide for that Saint Laurent replica style too.

Even though this Saint Laurent replica is obviously not a very good one, I feel like being very critical of it wouldn’t be fair. The price was more than affordable, the photos are real and the return policy states clearly that you can’t return a bag just because you don’t like it, so judging them seems a bit unfair. Do you girls have any more reviews you’d like to share? I’d also love to see a Saint Laurent Universite bag review!

Tag: replica Saint Laurent à This with Its Cheap Like Comes Disadvantages

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The Place To Buy Your Celine Luggage Replica From!

Other Brands

It’s been long since I received a review and that experience made me put them on my black list.

Celine Luggage Replica

This Celine Luggage replica makes me think not much has improved since. The quality is extremely disappointing and so is the overall experience with this site. Here’s why!

The last review I got was of a Miu Miu replica bag that was different from the original, that’s not shocking. But the problem was they tried to lie to my friend into thinking the color of her bag was just like the color of the original, which was not true! Not to mention before the bag actually arrived (after a month) they wouldn’t reply to her emails and ignored her for three whole weeks! So even though you can get past the flaws a replica has, you can’t get past a rude customer support. This is why I couldn’t see them as a reliable replica site that I would ever recommend to my readers.

But this week a new reader of the blog wrote to me, sharing this review. I was actually really curious to find out what these guys have been up to lately and I think it’s essential to share it with you: Review:

“Hi Eva!

I’m so glad I found your blog, just wish I had earlier  Your reviews are extremely helpful for newbies like me and I think that you wouldn’t have recommended this site I got my Celine Luggage replica from…too bad I ordered it before.

The site is called , they have a lot of replica bags and the prices are okay I think.

I wanted a classic Celine Luggage replica in black smooth leather and gold hardware. They have different price ranges for the replica Celine Luggage and I didn’t choose the cheapest one!

The bag took longer than promised to arrive but I didn’t mind, I know that shipping from China takes time…My problem is that I don’t think I could wear this replica Celine bag without people knowing it’s a fake. Not that I would mind that much but it just doesn’t feel like a quality bag to me…like I have no-brand bags that look way better than this.

Also, I’m pretty sure this is not real leather, it smells bad!! And it’s really stiff too. Other flaw: one of the protective studs at the bottom is chipped off (the one on the left). I attached a photo of that too, please use all of them if you think they will help anyone! Also, the material used on the sides is kinda weird, it’s not smooth like the rest.

Replica Celine Luggage Protective Stud

Replica Celine Luggage Bottom Stud Is Chipped Off

So now I don’t know what I should do and I need your expert opinion! Do you think I should keep this bag or try to send it back? I would have to pay the shipping costs but I guess that’s better than keeping a bag I won’t wear…

Anyway, let me know what you think!

And keep up the good work, so glad I finally found ur site!!”

Replica bags newbies remind me of myself when I first started buying replica handbags. I’ve learnt so much since but this doesn’t mean I forgot how difficult it is to choose not just a good replica bag but also a reliable replica site.

Ok, so these guys are not scammers, your experience could have been much worse! But I really don’t know if they live up to their return policy. I really hope they do, though. So yes, what I’m implying is that I think you should return this Celine Luggage replica.

To me it’s really easy to tell it’s a replica but the problem is that I think so it will be for untrained eyes. And I will tell you why so that if you want to buy another Celine Luggage replica you’ll know what to look for.

Truth be told, the fake Celine bags on this site don’t look good in the pictures either. So the good thing is that they’re actually using real photos of replica bags. Some of the Celine Luggage replica bags I’ve seen on their site look terrible, ten times worse than this bag.

Celine Luggage Replica Review

You can find two posts on how to spot fake Celine Mini Luggage and how to choose only good Celine Luggage replicas here on the blog, so I will only mention the most obvious flaws this particular Celine Luggage replica has.

My friend already mentioned the material and the bottom stud, so here is what I want to point out:

1. The front pocket stitching is wrong – it’s sloppy and it comes in right angles

Replica Celine Luggage Exterior Pocket

Replica Celine Luggage Front Pocket Stitching

2. The front logo is crooked, it’s not very hard to see that

Celine Luggage Replica Front Stamp

Celine Luggage Replica – The Front Logo Is Crooked

3. The handle tabs are too flat

4. The shape of the leather zipper pull is wrong

Replica Celine Luggage Review of the Details

Replica Celine Luggage – Shape of the Zipper Pull is Wrong

5. The handles are too big

6. The leather tab under the interior zipper pocket doesn’t have the correct shape and the stamp should be like this: Celine with Paris below (left side) and Made in Italy on the right side.

Replica Celine Luggage Inside Label

Replica Celine Luggage Interior Stamp

So if you’re planning to buy a Celine Luggage replica, this site is definitely not a good choice for it!

Tag: replica luggage Celine To The Buy Your Place From!

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Waiting For The Online Black Friday Deals On Replica Bags? So Am I! My Wish List For This Year

Other Brands

Online Black Friday deals are one of the best things ever for a serial shopper like me. You probably get me when I say that if I had enough money, I would buy a new replica bag every other day. But we’re all on a budget here and that’s why we need to think twice before investing in a new bag.

Online Black Friday Deals Replica Bags

So that’s why I’m so excited to see this year’s Black Friday sales! I really hope that my favorite replica sites have planned big surprises for Black Friday 2015 but in the meantime my handbags wish list is ready!

You probably remember that last year I dedicated a blog post to the online Black Friday deals and unfortunately most replica sites didn’t have any special discounts for the occasion. was the only replica bag site that had a special Black Friday promotion and I’m sure they’ll offer some major discounts this year as well. But I really hope that other websites will follow and that we’ll have more to choose from!

Don’t worry, I promise to do all the research I can and keep you girls posted as soon as I find about online Black Friday deals, both for authentic designer bags and replica bags! But until then, here are the bags that have drawn my attention the most recently.

These replica bags styles are all new and I’ve been eyeing them for some weeks now. I know that I can’t buy them all even with the online Black Friday deals but if I find at least one of them at a discounted price, I will declare myself satisfied! So here they are:

1. Gucci Lady Web Bag

When I first saw this bag on the runway I was blown away! I instantly fell in love with its vintage-inspired look and I realized this is the bag my wardrobe was missing! I felt particularly drawn to the Gucci Lady Web in brown smooth leather and I really hoped to find a great replica of this bag. And I did! The only reason why I didn’t order it yet is because I want to wait and find the best Black Friday sales first.

Gucci Lady Web Leather Shoulder Bag

Gucci Lady Web Leather Shoulder Bag

But OH MY GOD, this bag is just gorgeous! The color, the leather, the details and the retro charm – there’s nothing I don’t like about it! Well, maybe except for the textile lining but I’ll let that pass. I already found the best replica of this bag here and now I’m just waiting for the big day to arrive!

2. Chloe Hayley Hobo Bag

OK, I may have found a pattern here. The Chloe Hayley bag is also a brand new style and it has a bit of a vintage feel as well. But unlike the Lady Web bag, the Hayley is a hobo style. This new Chloe bag looks very Chloe-like. I know I sound like Captain Obvious but the fans of this brand will get what I mean. The design is very clean with minimal branding, the colors are discreet yet unique and overall the Chloe Hayley looks very feminine and classy.

Chloe Hayley Hobo Bag

Chloe Hayley Hobo Bag

As I always say, when a new model is released, you need to wait at least six months to find a good replica. Unfortunately I haven’t spotted that many replicas of the Chloe Hayley yet but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for this one!

3. Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Evasion

Louis Vuitton has a tradition of releasing new prints for its classic canvases. The Monogram Evasion collection was created especially for Christmas and that’s the reason why it’s so colorful and jolly! I don’t always like the seasonal LV prints but I think that a replica Louis Vuitton bag from the Evasion Collection is a must-have for a LV collector.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Evasion

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Evasion

If you’re not that much of a LV fan yourself, you can buy the replica LV Mini Pochette Evasion as a gift for someone who is. And, of course, you should do that using the online Black Friday deals! Buying early Christmas gifts is great because this way you get rid of all the pre-holiday stress. You don’t need to go from store to store to find the perfect gift, just add it to your cart and that’s it! Online shopping sure has a lot of advantages!

4. Prada Inside Bag

I had some mixed feelings about the Prada Inside Bag when I first saw it. It didn’t look that spectacular to me so I tried to understand what was with all that big fuss. And then I realized that Prada hadn’t released something some different from the Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote in a really long while and people wanted a new Prada design badly.

Prada Inside Bag Cinnamon and Turquoise

Prada Inside Bag Cinnamon and Turquoise

The Prada Inside bag has a sturdy leather and a boxy shape on the exterior but there’s a second bag inside, a much softer and slouchy one. I have to admit I was impressed by the ingenious design of this bag and its high versatility and the more I looked at it, the more I started to like it! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to find a great Prada replica Inside Bag but again, maybe we should give it more time. My favorite color combination is cinnamon + turquoise. What’s yours?

Of course, there are many other new beautiful bags that are not in this list, these are the ones that have caught my attention the most. But I’d love to see your Black Friday handbag list as well!

What replica bags are you planning to buy this Black Friday? If you hear about any Black Friday handbag deals on replica sites, do not hesitate to share them here!

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